15 Pictures That Prove Miley Is More Ratchet Than You [Gallery]

Miley Cyrus is the queen of ratchetness. In case you were wondering if her “hood rat” style was just a performance to break away from her Disney image, you were wrong. Miley has long been accepted by the hip hop community, the stripper scene and the stoners club. I think the combination of such shenanigans is the perfect formula for ratchetness. 

She recently leaked that she was #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list when she wasn’t supposed to, which is just more evidence that she doesn’t give a flip. Check out our insightful gallery about Miley’s epic hood rat lifestyle. Girl is swaggin’.



    1. cathy says:

      I wish these damned slideshows would move when you touch the arrows. THey never start.

    2. GuestyGuest says:

      Uh… you don't actually want to be ratchet, it's like an insult.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I don't see it as an insult so much as the name for someone who engages in shenanigans. Being wholesome is boring. Hanging out with strippers on your birthday is fun and legal.

    3. Guest says:

      Why is her life any of your concern? .Does she work for you? Does she owe you money? That young woman has worked since she was 8 years old. Have you?. If you want what she Has work for it. This country is so full of hate and pot should be legalized. Your are bully and like your has been the down fall. Love don't hate. I think you wrote about her because she is white.

    4. guest says:

      That should be "you are a bully and bully like you have been the down fall of many young person.'' You are suppose to help people not kick them when they are down. Put your life history on this page.

    5. guest says:

      Do you known this young woman? Do you know that she is just 20 years old. Did you know that she has a heart condition? How do you know if she has a medical card or not?
      Did you know that she broke her tail bone and had to go through pain to get her movement back? Did you know she has been in a studio writing and recording song for almost a year? Di you know that her record is just about ready to drop? Did you known that those people are working with her. She has drop a record with Snoop Lion and wil.i am. That woman she pinched is on someone else record. Now then think about what Jesus would do.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I am an atheist.

    6. guest says:

      You can erase my comment and will I write again. I still think you wrote about her because she is white.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I don't even know what race has to do with this.

    7. Krystal says:

      Love how a black woman wrote this article and used Ratchet to "compliment" Miley on her acceptance of the black community. Perhaps Emerald Pellot doesn't realize that that people call someone ratchet when explaining how dirty, ugly, un-classy a woman is, and is mostly used as an insult toward black woman!! Way to show love to your community Emerald you ratchety ass hoe:)

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I don't know where I wrote that Miley "accepted the black community" so much as how the hip hop community (which is multiracial) has accepted her. I don't use the term "ratchet" as degrading and most people do not (hence why Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks are collaborating on a song called "Ratchet.") You can take the term as you will but clearly I intended this post to a) be supportive of Miley b) to use ratchet as a term for someone who engages in hijinks, shenanigans and non-wholesome activities.

    8. guest says:

      I wish she would come spend some time in her dad's old hometown of flatwoods, ky. I've played with few musicians in the area who used to play with billy ray. this young lady needs some good ol' down home put back into her. my heart goes out to ya billy ray!

    9. Miley cut it the fuck out you are not about that life!

      1. guest says:

        She grew up in the music industry…how she not bout that life? She was raised in it! SMH

    10. Ky. says:

      I love Miley. She's doing what she wants unlike *some* people nowadays. Kudos, Miley:) #MCTwerkTeam

    11. Ratchet. Learn something knew every day. Anyway. I find your articles worthless, by the way. You think the worst of people without knowing much. You seem to be 100% ugly on the inside.

    12. Amber says:

      Seems racist to me, it's like you're calling her rachet because she associates with blacks. Surely she does the same activities with her white counterparts seeing as how she does what ever she pleases ,so why do all the "Bad" examples have to reflect on her being with black people? SMH

    13. get fucked says:

      eh, hasnt really been accepted by the stoner community. sorry miley. sure she smokes with wiz or whatever, but hes hardly the entire community.

    14. Dominique says:

      so pretty much since she hangs with black people she's "ratchet"…ok

    15. Is that Miley or Biebs? Cant tell the difference anymore?

    16. Raven says:

      being an exhibitionist DOESN'T necessarily make u "rachet". Maybe YOU as an article writer need to pull your head out of your ass & get a clue. People get TIRED of being chased by the camera people 24/7 & sometimes they just get tired of giving a fk!.

      When I was in special ops for 10 years, I was sometimes an exhibitionist. Does that make ME rachet? If so, i am PROUD to be rachet. When I was airborne, I was 138 lbs. But I still had the RESPECT of others, because if you underestimated me, I would give u a kick in the nuts on the drop zone or a battlefield. I was just THAT kind of chic. & when I was playing away from work, I played hard too.

      She's young. She's acting a clown. Doesn't make her rachet…

    17. Guest says:

      WTF does this "Ratchet" mean? Maybe im too old (32) to know what the hell this is…

    18. james228 says:

      people are just people no matter how famous or influential they are. their actions are just magnified…

    19. Arielle says:

      I don’t think Miley is ratchet. I’ve heard that she feels her age and growing up is about doing wild things . its Not always supposed to be that way. Honestly I feel Like she should Have more respect for her body. And in her song ” We can’t stop ” she said “only God can judge us” which is really an excuse to do stupid stuff in my opinion. even thouGh she waited a few years to change things up after Disney there’s still little People that still watch her and see her and to me its not a Good role model and its not cute. just my opinion. but You know everyone will always have something to say Cause its Just their opinion its not hating its just a voice of opinion. Also she’s still young and some People who like her and her music will follow up with twerking and smoking. Like now almost every teen smokes weed Cause of the media influencing and brainwashing. But Miley isnt “ratchet” she Just Feels that growing up is about living wild and fun. but Like I said at least Have respect for Your body. fun is not all about twerking, showing your body, smoking, experiencing and doing things God doesn’t want You to do

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