Justin Bieber’s Evolution: From Tiger Beat To Boner Tweets

Justin Bieber has gone from Disney’s favorite little Tiger Beat heartthrob to an international superstar in just a few years. He has a pretty impressive career yet we couldn’t help but notice the transformation he has experienced over the years. It’s not surprising. It’s enormously difficult to go from a tween who sings pop love songs to tween girls, to a full fledged pop/r&b singer. Justin is particularly interesting because he, as of late, always seems to be protecting his masculinity. In a lot of ways, his audience of ‘teenage girls’ is the core of his career, yet when you’re the guy who sings music for ‘teenage girls’ you’re immediately pigeonholed as being feminine, gay (Ugh, what if he was? So what?) or not tough enough.

It’s no wonder Justin his been¬†steadily¬†beefing up, boxing, antagonizing the paparazzi and has generally become more aggressive and defensive toward the public. Although I think the whole thing is bull and he should be able to sing whatever he wants (even if I don’t like it), dress however he wants and sing for ‘teenage girls’ (Why does the fact that teenage girls like something automatically make it dumb? I smell sexism.), I find his progression from a sensitive tween to a ‘tough’ guy to be fascinating.

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    1. Melanie says:

      Can we just talk about how he's wearing jeggings with an elastic waist and no zip or pockets in that boner picture. I mean, even preteen girls think those are tacky…

    2. Ida says:


    3. samwel mbeka says:

      jst to say jstin bieber is 2 silence

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