The 9 Best Conspiracy Theories and Urban Legends of All Time

When I was a senior in high school we were forced to do these massive research projects for my AP English class. As predicted, most kids researched their favorite sport. The really brave ones did like “The History of Marijuana” or something stupid. I, much to my teacher’s dismay, did my research project on known serial killers.

I focused a lot on Jack the Ripper and how there were thought to be multiple “Jack The Rippers”. I thought it was the coolest project, and I was so stoked to share it with my fellow seniors. Needless to say, my teacher thought I was insane. That insanity has it’s benefits, however, like acing my history class lecture on the JFK assassination – GRASSY KNOLL GUYS. Just kidding, but I really can’t be the only one who finds all of this at the very least entertaining but at the most an awesome mind eff.

I did some digging and I found the COOLEST conspiracy theories and urban legends ever. And I’ll definitely be sleeping with one eye open tonight.

Molly is a senior journalism/English major at a school you haven’t heard of in a state you haven’t heard of. She’s obsessed with Chandler Bing, English bulldogs, and cheese. Follow her on twitter @gwacamolly.

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    1. jennjenncakes says:

      totally unrelated to the article, but why the hell is the background of the website the link to the homepage? it's really annoying

    2. Derek says:

      Half of those aren't conspiracy theories. Slender man is a story concocted by guys at something awful.

      Do your homework, FFS.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        It says that directly in the article…"Slender Man is a creepy entity in the background of pictures, mostly of children, said to "stalk children and steal their souls." In reality, it was created on Something Awful in 2009 as a contest to see who could photoshop the best "entity" into a picture."

    3. Brian says:

      What a poorly written piece. Are you intentionally trying to write like an uneducated 14 year old talks?

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Yes. layman's terms, in a humorous way. Sorry you were expecting a dissertation.

      2. Alex- University of South Carolina says:


    4. Um, if you're doing celebrities, how about Paul is Dead? Courtney Love killed Kurt?

    5. Lucy says:

      Molly, these legends and stories are very interesting and fun to read. I love the way you write, you actually had me hooked to read more! I hope you continue to write:)

    6. Mythbusters is know for refusing to discuss theories about 9 11 and delete comments on their site related to 9 11


    8. NO ONE has duplicated what people supposedly on planes did on 9 11, connect a voice call with a cell phone to the ground. Experts in antenna theory say 'no way' and the MANY people who have attempted to make calls from the air could never connect, but since the media and everyone on TV says that is what happened, people believe it.

    9. TrueBlue says:

      The author of this is a journalism major? No wonder it seems like such a poorly written hit piece on people with contrary minded views. She's training to have a puppeteers hand up her ass.

      Someone with a major in journalism is instantly underqualified to discuss such topics. Modern Journalists are nothing more than state sponsored propaganda machines.

      1. Molly - UNL says:

        Excuse me, as a journalist and a republican I can honestly say I plan to have no body's "hand up my ass". I may be a journalism major in order to eventually work for a magazine such as Cosmo or Vogue, but that hardly makes this article propaganda. When my editor came to me to write a story about conspiracy theories, I googled the most popular ones and did my research on what the theories were. I am not stating whether or not they are true unless they have been debunked. I'm not even saying that they are a "wrong" idea. They are commonly regarded as conspiracy theories and I say nothing against the people who believe they are true, I'm simply stating that they are in fact known as "conspiracy theories" and summarizing what they mean. Please take your problem with mainstream media elsewhere.

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