The 10 Worst Moms In Popular Culture

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and the whole internet is reminding you that you should love your mom because she gave birth to you and stuff. CC is here to remind you that not everyone has the best relationship with their mothers, yet they can’t possible be much worse than this. From real life to television and movies these are the 10 worst moms in popular culture. Let us know if we’ve left anyone out or tell us how you REALLY  feel about your mom.

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    1. nina says:

      Its incredibly offensive to label Alicia Silverstone as a 'worst mother' for simply feeding her child in an alternative manner. its outrageous to compare that totally harmless action to things like murder! how intolerant of you.

    2. Maya says:

      Alicia Silverstone should not be on here. She isn't doing anything wrong or damaging. She's right, people did birdfeed their children for thousands of years up until the invention of baby food. In many developing countries, mother still do this. It might seem strange to you but it isn't wrong, it's just different culture and social expectations. Do some more research before being so quick to judge.

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