Enter To Win A Year Supply Of Condoms And Trojan’s New Lube! [Giveaway]

Safe sex is the best sex, girl. Also, free (Trojan!) condoms are the best kind of condoms. We know you want to kick it with the coeds this summer and beyond, so we’re giving away 1-year supply of condoms and Trojan’s BRAND NEW line of lube. Did you know Trojan has never made lube before now? (Yeah, they make condoms and vibrators, but up until now no lube for the lovers.) I know, that doesn’t sound right to me either. Trojan knows where it’s at and to make your ‘freak in the sheets’ loving more pleasurable have conjured up three new lubricants. One ‘Arouses & Intensifies,’ another makes things ‘Tingly & Warm’, and the last is ‘Continuous Silkiness’.

Not so keen on the lube? Let us convince you! A recent study by the Indiana University found that two-thirds of Americans use lube solo or with a partner. Nearly half of users found that lubricants made it easier to climax and 82% of users says it lubricants enhance their sexual pleasure.

Why wouldn’t you enter? Free condoms! (No diseases! No babies! The sexiest two things of them all) Free pleasure-enhancing lube!

All you have to do is submit a picture of your sexiest duckface. Work those Instagram filters, girl. I know I do.


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