So How Old Was Britney When . . . She (Really) Lost Her Virginity, Met K-Fed, Etc.

One thing I often wonder about is celebrities’ ages, especially female ones. Lady celebs tend to be glammed up and sexualized as early as their mid-teens so it’s rather difficult to determine how old they are. One person that always come to mind is Britney Spears, whom I love, because she was groomed to become a star from such a young age and coached by her mom and ‘handlers’ to be overtly sexual (yet, claim that she is a virgin). It isn’t shocking that Britney had a break down after becoming an international superstar at the age of seventeen. So I decided to shed a little light on how old Britney actually was during certain milestones of her life. (I went by the year in which each event took place, Britney was born in 1981 and I did the math from there so her actual age could be younger since her birthday is late in the year, December 2nd.)

When she recorded ‘Baby One More Time’ . . . 16

britney spears 16

When she wore that skimpy  uniform . . . 17

baby one more time

When she had her first controversial magazine cover . . . 18


The American Family Association (AFA) referred to the shoot as “a disturbing mix of childhood innocence and adult sexuality” and called to “God-loving Americans to boycott stores selling Britney’s albums.”

When she said she was a virgin . . . 18

britney spears 18th bday party

When she announced she wasn’t a virgin . . . 21


Britney said, “”I’ve only slept with one person my whole life. It was two years into my relationship with Justin, and I thought he was the one.”

When she really lost her virginity . . . 14

through the storm

According to the NY Daily News, “In a tell-all book, Spears’ mother, Lynne, reveals her daughter surrendered her chastity to a high school football stud when she was just 14.”

When she danced with a python around her body . . .  20

Singer Britney Spears performs with a snake draped

When she made out with Madonna . . . 22


When she married K-Fed . . . 23


When she had her first baby . . . 24


When she had her second baby and divorced Kevin Federline . . . 25


When things started to go awry. (Oh no, baby girl!) . . . 26


Her aunt died of ovarian cancer.

She shaved her head.

She checked into rehab.

She lost custody of her babies.

When she made her disturbing comeback with ‘Black Out’ after 3 years . . . 26


When police arrived at her house and her conservatorship began . . . 27

Britney Spears cafeine overdose_Jan30 2008

She refused to give her kids to K-fed.

Police showed up to her house because she appeared to be high on a “substance.”

She was committed to Cedars-Sinai psychiatric hospital under involuntary psychiatric hold.

The court placed all of her assets under her father and attorney’s control.

K-Fed got full custody of the kids.

When she made her real comeback . . . 27


Circus was an amazing album you guys.

So how old is she today? 31 (about to be 32 y’all.)


She is doing much better and is still flawless. However we do have one question: When was the last time Britney Spears wore a bra?



    1. Patrice says:

      This is possibly the most important thing I will read today. Long Live Godney.

    2. Jasmine R. says:

      Britney was 17 when she did the "Rolling Stone" shoot. That was also the same year she got breast implants (see: 1999 Kids' Choice Awards). #britneystanalert

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        You're probs right. I went by the year each event took place, not by the specific date. She has a late birthday so I should've erred on the side of younger.

    3. Emma Gat says:

      I actually have to say something. I actually read Lynn's book (Ugh, I know) and she actually never said anything like that. Back when it was released, the rolling stones had a full issue full of stories that they said came from her book about Britney taking so many drugs and being a sex addict- I just had to read it!
      Ugh. Such a boring book. The last part was pretty interesting, talked about how Sam Lutfe (her fake manager when she lost her goddamn mind) drugged her and locked her up and stuff. Pretty scary. But everything else is made up.
      I do believe she lost her virginity pretty early on, but don't believe the hype

      Ugh. I'm coming off as such a crazed fan.
      I just.. i like to read stuff about people? Does that work? Let's make that work. Cool? Cool.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        Dude. I AM A CRAZED FAN. I just bought the book yesterday. Glad to get your input though from a Britney Expert. We'll never know until Godney writes her own book!

    4. danielletee says:

      All I can say is..I'll love Brit Brit either way. But I'm really really glad she's on the right track now!

    5. britneyfanvisiting says:

      sorry but you got a lot of things wrong

      she was 16 when she was wearing the uniform

      she was 17 for the rolling stone cover

      she was 19 when she was dancing with the snake

      this is not her best friend that died of ovarian cancer but her AUNT

      1. ironicallyfunny says:

        LOL Your gonna rip them for messing up a timeline when you can't read?? It says her AUNT died not her friend. As a matter of fact it says nothing about a friend in that section PERIOD.

      2. lcp says:

        definitely says her aunt died.. & it says dates may be off as they were going by YEARS and her birthday is in the END of th eyear. hence, if they are saying she wore the uniform when she was 17 because it was JANUARY of her 17th year and she didn't turn 17 UNTIL DECEMBER, that would make the years be off.

    6. dan says:

      Seems like recently Disney has been breaking in there female teens at about 14.

    7. gina says:

      Who really cares. Britney Spears has come and gone. She cant sing and surly cant dance anymore. Shes all used up, not to mention mentally unstable. Do us all a favor QUIT!

      1. kaa70529 says:

        If she has 'come and gone', then how come her songs still hit #1 and she's still making a butt load of $$$??? jealous? Troll.

    8. kaa70529 says:

      You are wrong with the whole entire article. She was born in December 1981 so if she does something, in say 2001, she's not 20. She spends most the year 19, turns 20 for the last month. Get your facts straight if you're going to publish something.

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