Where Did All The Women In Movies Go?

According to a new study roles for women in movies have hit an all time low in 5 years. Despite so many epic films with female leads like The Hunger Games, Bridemaids and Twilight, no one is writing roles for women. Shocking! To no one with eyes.

The Daily Mail reports, “Female roles in the biggest blockbusters plummeted to a five-year low, a new study reveals. When women did appear, they were often portrayed scantily-clad sexual objects. Teen girls were provocatively-dressed 56 percent of the time they appeared on screen. Men wore provocative attire only 6percent of the time, according to the report by the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. The startling lack of women in last year’s 500 biggest films comes despite notable successes of movies with female leads.”

This is interesting because three years ago 1/3 of all roles were played by women.

“Overall, though, directors cast fewer women in films last year than in any of the five previous years. Just 28 percent of all speaking roles in the top 500 movies of 2012 were female. Only six percent of films featured a cast that was roughly evenly balanced between men and women.Three years ago, nearly one third of the top movie roles were women.”

Great. It’s great to be an actress. It’s great to be a woman. Or as Liz Lemon put it, “NO IT’S NOT! BECAUSE SOCIETY!”

In Other News

This guy got a girl pregnant than SECRETLY gave her abortion pills. 

A study finds that people don’t have a problem with gay actors playing straight roles, which is great

Farrah Abraham loves butt sex. No really, she does. She said. You didn’t hear it from me.

“Abraham was an open book, admitting she had anal sex way before she had regular sex. Nik asked Farrah if it was Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, who gave Farrah anal sex and she said it was from someone else before Derek. She had real sex with Derek, but “real sex wasn’t her favorite thing and she found it less enjoyable than anal.” She even had to assure Richie that anal sex is not “awkward.”

Kanye throws another hilarious tantrum on stage.



    1. justfun says:

      Sounds like they are all home getting preggo to me.

    2. Dana says:

      There were already some good chic flicks this year, I hope some good ones will follow in the next months.

    3. E. Jetter says:

      Women are NOT “chicks”. YOU are part of the problem.

    4. Jake says:

      I am not against women, however, I am tired of seeing woman being main characters in action films. The action scenes are not that good, action is always sub par, the scenes seems to lack the substance and fluidity that a physical male role demands.At first, when action movies started using women, it was new and interesting. Now, its being done to death to the point most people no longer care. I am somewhat glad of that. I know what some people might say, that I might be anti female (I am not), however I vote with my dollars, so when these movies come out, I wont go to the theaters or rent the dvd's. I figured eventually the trend will change, and it has.

      1. Ashlyn says:

        …i'm sorry…but can you tell me how you can be tired of seeing women as main characters in action films when there are barely any to see? There have hardly been enough of those to make that judgement call. And if you dare bring up movies like "Sucker Punch"…well, I won't actually do anything but your legitimacy would greatly decrease because those movies aren't serious action flicks.
        Those movies use girls in a trope called "fighting %@#* toy" and purely exist to fulfill male fantasy, not to empower women.

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