Is Saying You’re Color Blind More Racist? [Candy Dish]

Our favorite homegirls over at Gurl.com have opened up a discussion about how people who claim to be “color blind” are actually doing a disservice to race relations. While it’s a nice thought that people believe they are so enlightened that the color of someone’s skin doesn’t matter so much as the content of their character, what they are inadvertently doing is denying the basic fact that race exists, racism exists and that people of color are institutionally marginalized.

“Color blindness thrives on the notion that racism isn’t really a problem anymore, and that everyone and everything is judged purely on merit. The problem is that that’s a bunch of crap and isn’t true whatsoever. Studies have shown that color blindness actually makes people more racist. Color blindness is really just an easy way for people who don’t experience racism (i.e. generally white people) to feel a little less squirmy about the possibility that racism is still a problem. The best way to feel less squirmy is to ignore it, because we all know that the more you ignore something, the faster it’ll go away, right?”

I’d love to know what you all think? If you’re making an attempt to embrace different cultures then clearly you’re intentions are not bad, nevertheless this attitude is insensitive to the experiences of others and suggests that history never happened. Be sure to read the full post here.

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    1. Rina says:

      I agree with what the author says about this colour blindness concept. However, I disagree with the author's assumption that white people don't experience racism. Actually white people do experience racism, but in different ways and not to the same extent that other races do. It is impossible to discuss racism without offending somebody, I just wanted to share my opinion.

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    3. Do I need to know how to talk dirty though? I seem to be doing pretty well in life without it…

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