Rihanna Tweets Her Butt In A Denim Thong Then Deletes It

So Rihanna tweeted a ratchet picture of herself in a denim thong then deleted it. The look references that of strippers and will be featured in her new video for “Pour It Up.” Bless this woman and her cellulite free ba-donk. We wanted to show you guys this picture but we weren’t show how to discuss its glory so we decided to round up a few pictures of some of our favorite celebutants dawning the ’90s “thong” or “whale tail” look.

Is this a trend you hope comes back? I certainly do not. Thongs are uncomfortable. Also, I go to work and cannot be having my thong out for peeps to see. Would you wear this shiz to brunch?



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    2. james228 says:

      love the pictures… and what Rihanna has tweeted. truly entertaining. haha…

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