#TweetLikeTheOppositeGender Is Sexist Men Tweeting Their Butts

There’s a new hashtag trending on twitter called #TweetLikeTheOppositeGender and basically it’s just dudes railing on women with sexist comments and also, weirdly tweeting their butts. The idea is to tweet like a boy if you are a girl or like a girl if you are a boy. The result is mostly guys making fun of girls and reducing them to shallow stereotypes of attention whores, emotional nut jobs, drama queens, “sluts” and other obnoxious generalizations that are unfounded. Like, it’s 2013, do girls really behave like this? Rather, is it girls who exclusively behave like emotional, needy, idiots? Nope, it’s a handful of losers, men and women, we all know to run FAR AWAY from.



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