6 Big Steps We (Hope To) Take In Relationships

When I got into a relationship with my current boyfriend, we were very careful not to go too fast, too quickly. We took our time with our feelings and made sure that we really wanted to be with one another before thoughtlessly “taking steps” forward and becoming more serious. In our case, we fell in love pretty quickly and the steps kind of fell away, but I have noticed that a lot of people talk about “steps” and progression in relationships. Dating can be a pain, and the steps we are “supposed” to take don’t help. We all hope that the person we’re dating is in it to win it, and we all hope to take certain “steps” to get there!

I’ve covered the six big ones. Check them out!

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    1. james228 says:

      i can say that i have a great married life and i haven't encountered or even aware about these "STEPS", for me having a spontaneous relationship and just letting it grow and just go with the flow.

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