10 Celebrities Who Have Actually Gone To Jail

PR and marketing can be so good that you forget some celebs are total fuck ups. I don’t think we’ll ever forget how Ms. Hilton has weaseled her way out of completing proper jail time, however there are quite a few celebrities on this list who were able to bounce back without anyone really remembering how hard they fell. Robert Downey Jr. served a year in prison for, well, you’ll just have to find out below, but that doesn’t even top why Mark Wahlberg ended up in the slammer.



    1. james228 says:

      no matter how famous or influential you are…if you do something wrong or against the law you definitely deserve the punishment.

    2. Wow, I am quite surprised how some popular celebrities such as Robert Downe Jr has actually gone to jail. It is reallly surprising but that's the rule.

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