Here’s the Truth: Why Guys Want Threeways

Because 2 is better than 1, and 4 are better than 2? Or at least that’s the kind of culture we live in. We’re not bred in a “less is more” society. Hell NO! Excess is success. In business, bank account, and prestige, so why not with sex, too? Clear the way for a ride on the threeway!

What’s wrong with wanting to have a threesome? Think of sex like your diet (to quote a dear friend of mine), sure you might find a well balanced meal but every now and then you want to binge a little, cheat on your diet a little, spice it up and add some variety a little. Besides, think of it as an adventure!

The mathematical permutations from three are greater than two. Possibilities open like floodgates. Fantastical new pleasure proofs are there for you to wrassle with. Oh, the wrasslin’! There’s more to explore, more to multitask, it’s a challenge, I say! Yes, a challenge. And that challenge is part of the fantasy. Pushing yourself and your partner further, experiencing something new together can often be a wonderful way to bond, grow closer, and strengthen what you have. Most people tend to think a threesome as a sign that something’s wrong with the twosome. What if it’s actually an act of commitment, faith in what you have, and a recognition that this isn’t about sex with a third, but intimacy between the two of you.

Plus, it’s hot. And everyone wants to feel like Axel Rose circa 1985. Drowning in a sea of hedonistic limbs to be lost in Paradise City. There’s nothing wrong with admitting it comes down to a symptom of appetite. Embrace. Feed. We’re primal. Long-term monogamy isn’t programmed into our lizard brains. And don’t be selfish, a threesome could do wonders for your partner. He/she could satisfy his/her curiosity as well. Don’t rob them of profound joy, mkay?

At the end of the day it’s about fantasy. If you’re worried about it rocking the foundation of your laurels, give in to your appetite for destruction. But give in smart. Make the rules you and your partner feel comfortable with, then when you’re comfortable breaking them do that, too!

Bottom line: More boobs…BOOBS!

On the highway to hell,

The Dude

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    1. Natalia says:

      I have no problem with others who want to have threesomes, but how the heck is it selfish if you don't want your partner being with another woman? It's robbing him of "profound joy"? *Eyeroll* It may be adventurous but you sound like your saying all men are commitment phobic "lizard brains" who want multiple girls in bed all the time. What are you, fifteen?

    2. Janice says:

      Also, here's the other truth: most coupled straight men who want threesomes are only willing to invite an extra woman into their bedroom not an extra man. How's that for fairness?

    3. Dee says:

      Look at it from a females point of view too. We want to be cherished in bed; we want to be your main focus. Add another woman in there and she gets the attention? What if the guy like her in bed better than yourself, the main female? Many relationships have broken up because the man believed that he was getting better sex from the other woman.

      I've dealt with this. Yet, if a woman is willing to do it with another woman, shouldn't the man be willing to do it with another man? I have to agree with Janice. Many men will consider it gay, or homosexual, if they have a threeway with their girlfriend/wife and another man. Just, if the woman will do it then the male should do it too. Same the other way around, if the male will do it then the female should too.

      As for your last line, about the boobs. Is that all that you see in a woman? If so you're so conceited.

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