If Jennifer Lawrence Is Fat, Then I Am A Behemoth. A Fierce Behemoth.

If Jennifer Lawrence weighed three metric tons and the casting director of X-Men decided to paint her blue and call her Mystique that should not be a problem. The fact is that Jennifer Lawrence does not appear to be and probably isn’t overweight. I was pretty pissed to see the comments on the pictures of her as Mystique were all degrading and demeaning about her body. They called her fat (in a negative way, obviously using fat as an insult is just as obnoxious as using “gay” or “girl” as an insult, we all have lipids on our bodies, ain’t nothing wrong with that.) and unattractive. The commenters demanded that she be thinner, thinner, thinner!

jennifer lawrence

The average size of an American woman is 12. I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence is a size 12, so I am not going to pretend her body type is that of  the “every woman” but she isn’t rail thin like Hollywood standards often demand their women to be. In my opinion, Jennifer Lawrence has always had an aspirational, fit, healthy-looking body, that was different than the rest of the tinseltown starlets and I always thought that was cool. She never looked like she was depriving herself in an alarming way but she does have the kind of body that many ladies would like to have.

I am not into body shaming at all. I am not into the “real women have curves” stance or the “skinny women are beautiful” hype. Everybody’s shape and weight are different due to genetics and number of reasons that are no one’s fucking business. We all have different “ideal bodies” and it’s OK to pursue them as long we don’t get lost in that pursuit and as long as that pursuit is our own and not conflated with the harmful and demeaning tactics of advertisements, Hollywood and the media who continue to make women ashamed of their bodies in order to sell them new products.

It’s disgusting that we have become so conditioned to judge the appearance of any female-bodied person simply because they are female. We are so brainwashed to believe that a real woman should look a certain way that we judge ourselves more harshly than we deserve. The women of Hollywood have it worst because people see it as “their job” to be beautiful, not to act, not to sing, certainly not to make personal choices or have private lives. When someone enters the realm of fame they are immediately at the service of the public 24/7.

Women get it worst. It’s no wonder why male actors have long, interesting careers for much of their lives while leading ladies are always, always in their early twenties no matter how old the leading man is. Old women are ugly. Bigger women are ugly. Muscular women are ugly. Butch women are ugly. Insert anyone who doesn’t look like all the thin, fair-skinned beauties on screen. And that’s the thing that I hate about it too. Fuck Hollywood for forcing women to throw shade on gorgeous women because they have become so frustrated with their bullshit standards that in moments of weakness they resort to the, “fuck skinny bitches” diatribe of shame.

It’s not that I want thin, young, white women to be eliminated from my screens. I would just like some chubby, Asian, butch, strong-armed, unibrow-having, hairy-legged . . . you get the point . . . on their too. I’d like for us to stop bashing each other because it’s easier than trying to fix the real problem: that our culture has failed to liberate and protect the identities of its women in many ways and that we celebrate our discerning and cynical attitudes toward them. We want them to fail and to be beautiful and we want beautiful to mean thin, more than we want women to be happy.

If Jennifer Lawrence is fat and that is supposed to be a bad thing you need to get your eyes checked, but you need to get your head checked if you think people who do not meet your ideals of perfection should be excluded from the conversation of beauty.



    1. Athena says:

      Excellent post!. Jennifer Lawrence has a gorgeous figure and I think it's wonderful that Lawrence has remained true to her convictions regarding maintaining her healthy weight. I think it's worth noting that when I first read the DM article, all the posts that I read at the time were VERY complimentary, with the positive remarks (thumbs up, green arrow, etc.,) totaling into the double and even triple digits. The negative remarks (thumbs down, red arrow, etc.,) similarly in the double, triple digits. I check back about an HOUR later and ALL the positive comments have been whittled down with RED ARROWS…all the negative comments up with green arrows. I actually signed up so that I could point this out, which I did, twice(!) and my posts were never published. I think either someone hacked in and changed them (the ratings) or, possibly, DM did it themselves (not unlikely…they love these kinds of "issues" and of course they are owned by Rupert Murdoch (quite possibly one of the most evil men in the business). All in an effort to get the casual reader to think that more people agreed with the negative comments…that body shaming is permissable. I'm no conspiracy theorist but, I tend to believe that something might have been up with those responses and the ratings. I believe this because nowhere else on the internet (not even the fanboy sites, were the responses that ridiculous). I look forward to X-Men, Jennifer's portrayl of Mystique and based on the majority of the genuine responses I've read elsewhere, so are the fans, and even casual fans.

    2. colin says:

      all those haters can go eff themselves

    3. Random Dude says:

      I don't think Hollywood is forcing women to be pretty. "Being pretty" has been around for much longer than Hollywood. Maybe we can accept the fact that personal appearance matters to some degree, although it matters more for others depending on the work they do.

      Body shaming? How about avoiding the acceptance of obesity as "normal". How about as a man I need to recruit marriage prospects from overseas because "The average size of an American woman is 12". Famous people are unnecessary examples in what should be a national discussion about meal portions, self control, and our government's subsidy of high fructose corn syrup.

      1. djnemec says:

        No one is forcing anyone to be pretty. In fact, Emerald made no such claims. Force is violence, making someone do things against their will in order to form an outcome (e.g. being pretty). The media doesn't take that route. Instead, they use "role models" to influence others into believing you must be X and Y to become successful. Most people want to be famous and successful and what better way to prove it than by being a media icon? Millions of people watching you, seeing you take on a character and make millions in the process is enough to make most people envious, so the directors and producers dress up the characters as the epitome of attractiveness, despite the fact that few women can be held to that standard without a dedicated team of beauticians. Now every woman in every movie looks the same and people begin to correlate attractiveness with success. "Look at all those successful women!" they say, "and they're all so attractive, that must be one of the keys to their success!"

        It's the fact that successful women on TV are primped and modeled to look far more attractive than they would on their own that leads other impressionable young women to believe that they must be just as attractive in order to be successful.

        Also, "as a man"? I'm going to overlook the fact that you compare forming relationships with women to "recruiting marriage prospects" as if you were looking to hire a full-time employee when I point out that it's incredibly hypocritical to blame women as a whole for being too overweight for your tastes when a U.S. government study has pointed out that a full 10% more men than women are classified as overweight or obese. As a straight man, you're more likely to find a partner that weighs less than you compared to straight women.

    4. Joyce says:

      So, you got your sources from the Daily Mail? You do realize that the Daily Mail is the British equivalent of the National Enquirer, right?

    5. She’s stunning and its horrible when people say these things. It usually means they are insecure themselves. I hate keyboard warriors.😡

    6. Last time I read anything she said, she didn't seem to give a shit about that, so good for her.
      She's an example of healthy beauty within her genetic and personal parameters. More women should aspire to be like that.

    7. Redditor says:

      You said: Women get it worst. It’s no wonder why male actors have long, interesting careers for much of their lives while leading ladies are always, always in their early twenties no matter how old the leading man is.

      I say: Oh yeah. I forgot there are no leading female actresses over 29. OH WAIT. Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry, Jamie Lee Curtis… Oh wait, who is going to be the new bond girl? Penelope Cruze. There are dozens of big name actresses over 29 who are leading roles.

    8. james says:

      she's fat for the role not in real life size

    9. jason says:

      The problem isn’t that she’s “fat,” it’s just her frame’s a bit big for the role. That’s what fans are pointing out in a derogatory way. .So getting angry over unsurprisingly immature comments about Hollywood gossip just reveals the author’s insecurity about her own frame and lack of interest in comic books.

      1. Rae says:

        Lmao. Negative her frame is fine for the role. If anything she not big enough meaning boobs and her hips could be a Lil wider. ijs since we wanna blame ignorance on the comic.

    10. Rae says:

      People are so stupid. She is gorgeous and her body is to die for. Yes she has a wide frame but her actual fat content is low. Duh

    11. jay says:

      the person who wrote the article is soooo ugly

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