The 10 Best Masturbation Scenes In Pop Culture History

May was national fapping month, I sort of dropped the ball on this post but hey, does one ever stop fapping? I certainly don’t contain my fappetry to a single month of the year. Masturbation is healthy and funny. People make funny faces when they are aroused, so if you aren’t participating with them, that shit is hilarious. On the flip side, sometimes it’s sort of disturbing and uncomfortable. The 10 following scenes are all of the above.



    1. mary hutson says:

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    2. james228 says:

      i agree that masturbation or sex can be sexy and is oftentimes used to poke fun. if not most a lot of people can relate with a sexual joke.

    3. You forgot Lee from The Secretary…

    4. Bill says:

      What about fast Times at Ridgemont High

      1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

        Oh snap! Emerald, you forgot a good one!

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