People Love to Poke Fun at Taylor Swift [Video]

If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift’s song “22” yet, what the hell is the matter with you? Do you live under a rock? Do you not own a television or a radio? Do you have a soul? Sorry, I’m getting a little dramatic. Anyway, “22” has become a huge hit. It’s so damn catchy even the music elite find themselves humming it as they walk into their favorite record store.

It’s become such a hit that tons of people have been doing parodies of the song! Some are making fun at the whole age thing. Some people are poking fun at Taylor herself. I decided to find some of the funniest videos out there and share them with all of you! T-Swift diehards, don’t get offended please. I mean no hard, and I love me song Taylor Swift, so retract your claws!

Check out the videos below!

[Lead Image via Cosmopolitan]



    1. james228 says:

      taylor is a talented singer/writer we should give her that credit. that is all i can say.

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