Is 20-Year-Old Selena Gomez Dating 14-Year-Old Jaden Smith?

BlindGossip, our favorite celebrity sleuths, have posted this exclusive blind item and we think we solved it.

Our Princess is a beautiful and talented triple threat. She sings, acts, and has even appeared on a dance competition show.

She has been dating a Popular Teen Staron and off for a while. It was supposed to be just a publicity setup, but he really fell for her. So he is going to be royally pissed off when he finds out who she is sleeping with now!

Her New Beau is an up-and-comer on the music scene… and is one of The Teen Star’s closest friends! Of course, that friendship is going to be over as soon as he finds out that The Princess and his friend betrayed him.

And that’s not even the worst of it!

The Teen Star is really going to go ballistic when he finds out that a lot of private activity that occurred behind the castle walls… was surreptitiously captured on film! Yes, we have seen it. Yes, we can confirm that it is 100% real. And there are about 40 million reasons why The Teen Star should be feeling very betrayed and very paranoid right now.


Popular Teen Star:

New Beau:

Here’s why we think it’s Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith:

1. Justin and Selena are always on and off again

2. Jaden is a close friend of Justin Bieber

3. Justin Bieber has just reached 40 million twitter followers, re: “40 million reasons”

4. The “Princess” reference refers to Selena Gomez’s Disney Channel Orignal Movie, “Princess Protection Program”

5. Selena Gomez appeared on Dancing With The Stars this season, re: “appeared on a dance competition show.”

6. Selena acts, dances and sings, re: “triple threat.”

7. There have always been rumors that Selena and Justin’s relationship was fake.

8. Jaden Smith has been working on his rap career for a while.

9. Jaden and Selena have been seen together a lot recently.

Here’s why I hope it’s not: 

The age difference between these two is troubling. I mean, by the time I was 17 years old I wanted nothing to do witha  15-year-old. The maturity difference alone is enough to warrant eyebrow raising. However, if these two are having sex it is statutory rape. It’s plain icky. It doesn’t matter if the guy or the girl is the older one. It’s bananas and illegal. Check out more delicious blind items from BlindGossip.com.

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    1. sally says:

      nope, it's not jaden it's king kevi who is dating selena

    2. Popkorn114 says:

      Also the hints about royalty and "castle" likely reference Jaden being the son of the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

    3. Alia says:

      Or it could be Lil B since he's a rapper and him and justin are close friends

    4. Eric Walker says:

      I thought him and his perpetually confused face was phucking one of those Kardashian whores?

    5. Cameron says:

      Dude, you need to shut your mouth with the “statutory rape” and the “this is bananas and illegal” what? Are u speaking in front of five year olds? If they are dating then let them be. If they are having sex, so what? Use a condom. It’s not that complicated. I’m 14 and I’ve already had sexual encounters with a 18 year old female, and most of us have when they were underage as well so why is it such a big deal if celebrity’s do it? Just mind your own damn business

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