The Ultimate Fandom Showdown: Which TV Show Has the Most Dedicated Fans?

In the CollegeCandy offices, each of us has our favorite TV shows. For me, it’s The Vampire Diaries. For Emerald, it’s some old crazy reality show about kids who survive in a town without adults. For Theo, it’s anything a teenage girl would like. And we all love Scandal.

The morning after our respective shoes air (or in Emerald’s case, as she’s binge watching YouTube clips on her computer), we discuss and dissect every plot point. We share GIFs of our favorite scenes, follow fan Tumblrs for the latest cast gossip and ship our most beloved characters. We’d feel completely insane if we thought were alone in these obsessive rituals, but luckily there are dozens of die-hard fandoms out there, and we want to find the most dedicated one.

Over the coming week, we’re going to ask you guys to vote for which shows you think have the most loyal, invested and crazy fan bases around. I’ve taken it upon myself to stereotype the audiences of 32 shows into four groups: Teens, Nerds, Binge Watchers and The Cults. Take a look at the bracket we’ve assembled, and then vote for which shows you think have the best fans around.

The Ultimate Fandom Showdown

Click the bracket to see it bigger!


Big Bang Theory Vs. Adventure Time

The Simpsons vs. Dr Who

Sherlock vs. Spongebob

mad men vs. futurama


supernatural vs. teen wolf

new girl vs degrassi

american idol vs vampire diaries

pretty little liars vs. buffy

Binge Watchers

game of thrones vs. true blood

kuwtk vs. modern family

real housewives vs. scandal

breaking bad vs the walking dead

The Cults

arrested development vs. the bachelorette

HIMYM vs. Friends

friday night lights vs the office

community vs boy meets world

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