The 20 Worst Dads On The Internet

Sunday is Father’s Day that means counting all the ways you papa has failed you. Didn’t get me a pegasus. Didn’t take me to Disneyland. Didn’t let me eat chicken fingers everyday. The list goes on . . . I am lucky to have good, drama-free relationship with my parents but others are not. I am guessing a lot of these kids will be surfing the internet one day and say, “Dad, is that—is that me? Is that you lighting a cigarette in my baby mouth?” Yeah, these dads are that bad. Check out these 20 photos of fathers serving their kids alcohol, using them as shopping carts and smoking cigarettes with them. Pray for these children.

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    1. lexapearce says:

      omd haha this was funny i didn't know there were parents that were this bad in reality

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