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The Top 8 Best TV Dads Ever

I wasn’t one of those kids who didn’t get to watch TV growing up. It was monitored, sure, but we still got to watch TGIF and cartoons and all that good stuff. I was a TV junkie. Any chance I could get away with a little channel surfing, you best believe I took it. Back in the day, family sitcoms were the thing. Even today, there are still a bunch of shows that shed light on family life.

I thought in honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, I would take some time and compile a list of the best dads in TV! If you’re a youngin’, you might not know a couple of these characters (which horrifies me), so bear with me. These dads taught us some of the best life lessons that we would never sit still long enough to let our own dads teach us. Sorry Dad!

Check out the gallery below and see if you agree with my choices!

[Lead Image via The Society Diplomat]

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