The 10 Most Awkward Sex Tips On The Internet

I don’t know how helpful sex tips actually are but most of them to me are just funny to read and not entirely helpful. I think I can figure boning out—isn’t that half the fun anyway? After ransacking the internet during my normal feasts of awkwardly-worded sex tips that use words like “pleasuring” and “enter her,” which are clearly intended to make me giggle like I am in middle school again, I found the 10 most awkward sex tips. I am 100% sure if you tried any of these you’d just end up making someone incredibly uncomfortable or downright frightened as opposed to turned on.

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    1. angelarweir says:

      #9 made me LOL for real

    2. Chelsea says:

      These are definitely bad tips! I wounder where you found these even?

    3. Anonymous says:

      A few of these actually are true. To the Author: you need to stop being such a big prude! lol wow your sex life must be just the usual missionary with the lights off…

    4. Good tips thanks. Im reading how to Make Love All Night and drive a woman wild!: pastebin. com/SCb8fJuF

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