What Does Kim and Kanye’s Baby Look Like? Kris Jenner Lets It Slip

In my opinion, all babies pretty much look the same when they’re first born. I suppose, however, that that doesn’t stop any of us from wanting to catch a glimpse of celebrities’ new babies. And while you’ll have to wait until Kim sells her baby’s photos to the highest tabloid bidder before you can sneak a glossy peek, Kris Jenner wants to curb some of your hunger for gossip.

While on the red carpet for the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys yesterday, she filled the paparazzi in on what bebe ‘Ye looks like. Head to TMZ to watch the exclusive interview with Kris!

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    1. Rina says:

      Let's use the correct form of "Lets."

    2. kay kay says:

      ummmm maybe you should learn to read. it is the correct usage of lets seeing as it is not "Let Us" i.e. Let's that the writer was trying to say. The writer intended, and correctly so, used the word "lets" as in "to allow"…..if you're( you are in case you didn't know) going to correct someone's grammar, you might want to double check.

    3. Don'tReadTheComments says:

      ^^^LOL +1,000 points to kay kay

    4. Sarah says:

      No way that is Kim's baby. Baby Kimye would be really tiny born so early, that baby is not 5-6lbs. Also, look at Kim's face. Childbirth doesn't immediately shed all the pregnancy weight. This is a photo of Kim with a baby NOT her baby.

      1. MDA says:

        Pregnancy weight is in your uterus, not your face?

        (Question mark intentional.)

    5. Andrea says:

      I hope she is happy with her baby, thats the most important thing…

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