Kate Upton’s Got Her Boobs Out On Some Horse (NSFW Video, Unless You Work Here)

Did I succeed in giving this post the most absurd-yet-accurate title ever? Because that was my goal.

It looks like we can add an 18th item to our list of reasons Kate Upton is better than you, because the model and animal lover has perfected the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t handbra maneuver. During a photo shoot for Complex, someone had a camera recording Kate as she tried to sit on a horse and keep covered up. Let’s just say it didn’t work and it’s like tits galore up in there.

TMZ’s got the video footage for your viewing pleasure, plus an adorable clip of two guys watching the video/seeing some naked boobs for the first time.

PLUS: 6 sexy GIFs of Kate on her horse BFF. One’s in slow-mo. That’s what you get for putting a dude in charge of making these things.



    1. Hailey says:

      First of all @Alex : What education? Finishing high school doesn't count…

      Second: I'm not slut-shaming at all! If you wanna talk about equal rights emeraldgritty, I'm not saying she shouldn't be allowed to be a model and I couldn't care less about her ''features'', but do you think progress is her making millions because men find her ''hot'' but a girl that studied hard, paid thousands of dollars to go to college and spent sleepless nights working hard for her future barely getting anything? She gets put on a pedestal because she does whatever men want and is the typical trophy-wife they dream of. But what about female engineers, lawyers, teachers or women in the military and law enforcement?

      1. I’d LOVE to tell college admissions officers, employers and teachers that high school doesn’t count as an education. It doesn’t qualify as *higher* education, but a high school diploma is an achievement regardless of whether you’re continuing on to college or entering the workforce.

      2. I never said that this was fair, that it was progress or that it was right. You imagined that I said that. What I said was calling other women “trashy” is NOT PRODUCTIVE for women. Judging other women’s appearances makes us look petty and guess what all it does is propagate the same beauty standards because it categorizes one woman as classy and another as not. Nor is it a valid criticism. Of course people in other jobs should be celebrated, paid more and championed by society. But that doesn’t mean we get to judge people because society privileges youth and beauty too much and some want to benefit from that. I mean, if she can get handed a million dollars for wearing a bikini, why would she struggle to pay for college, not be able to find a job and default on her loans as many young Americans do? Maybe she is doing this to pay for college? Or start a charity? Or do something of value later on? I just don’t see how directing your hate at this woman on the internet is a productive use of your clearly, very thoughtful brain.

      3. Molly - UNL says:

        I guess my issue, similar to Emerald (which is unusual, I feel like we usually respectfully disagree, but I love you anyway GURL)..point being. I guess my point is…

        Pamela: "What would you expect from a society where women would rather have big boobs than a big IQ" I know plenty of young, college educated women who can WERK their sexuality but also have genius IQs. I just don't see a distinction between maybe wanting big boobs and having a low IQ. I don't think those things should go hand in hand at all.

        Basically, my issue is that..if someone wants to be in the entertainment industry – who are we to judge them. I don't really see anything wrong in posing for a magazine like this and I think that it in no way dictates someone's IQ or morality or any of that.

        I personally feel most women would like be both pretty (to whatever standard that is for themselves) and smart.

        Sorry this comment is so disjointed, it's been a very long day.

      4. Pamela says:

        When I said "What would you expect from a society where women would rather have big boobs than a big IQ" I was actually talking about a survey made, so unfortunately those two things don't go hand-to-hand and clearly women would choose one over the other. You can have both, but this is a scenario where you could only have one, so…

      5. Molly - UNL says:

        Well. I thought it was a comment as opposed to a source, and I'd actually like a link to that.

      6. Pamela says:

        What would you expect from a society where women would rather have big boobs than a big IQ or win ANTM instead of a Nobel prize?

        But then again, a wise person once said: ''Most women would rather be pretty than smart, because most men can see better than they can think.''

    2. bob says:

      Kate Upton just does not have a super great body. WHAT? look at her and unglue your eyes from her tits, cause that is all she gotz, GREAT TITz and a beautiful face. Put this together with an attitude of – I'm going to flash these tits every fking chance I get and have fun doing it and you got Kate Upton. Sure, she is pretty but good fkin god, I know 100 cute girlz with better bodz then Kate Upton.

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