These 10 Songs Will Make You Fall In Love

How do we know when we’re in love? Well, are you smiling like a goon? Can you not think of anything but one person? Are you happy literally every second of the day? Do you want all your friends to be in couples too just so that you can talk about how amazing being part of a couple is? Do you listen to stupid, sappy love songs on the radio and go, “YES. I FINALLY UNDERSTAND!”?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’re most likely in love. Congratulations! Love is pretty amazing. Let yourself bask in these feelings for a moment and be happy! The best way to do this is to obviously listen to those sappy songs I mentioned earlier and smile as you sing!

Thanks to the ladies over at Gurl.com, you can now listen to a playlist that is all about love–the good kind of love. So head on over to Gurl right now and start jamming, sister!

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    1. After 32+ years of marriage, of course, we're no longer happy every second of the day. But we're still in love, and we do still like sappy love songs; in fact, I'm doing a whole blog of them as a surprise for my wife on our next anniversary. And if you or any of your readers have love songs and stories to share, there's a page for that, too. http://lovesongs4joanna.wordpress.com/

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