10 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos Removed

Heidi Klum is getting her ‘Seal’ tattoo removed in the wake of her divorce from Seal. That must be a bummer. After hearing this news it got me thinking about how everyone who I’ve ever known who has gotten someone’s name has regretted it. Let’s not forget that these weren’t too young doves in love, they were married adults. Everyone says getting a name tat is a curse and it sure as hell seems like it. Ah, I guess they are right when they say nothing lasts for ever. However, I have to wonder does it make sense to get rid of it after the relationship is over? I mean, you got it when you were head over heels, so couldn’t the tattoo spark fond memories even after the relationship is over? That’s probably a lot to ask for after you’ve decided you can’t stand someone. Oh well, here are 10 celebs who got their tats removed after breakups, babies and teenage rebellion.

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    1. Mike says:

      Tattoos are trashy anyway. Be smart and don't ever get them and then you'll never have to have them removed.

      1. laura says:

        uh not every tattoo is trashy… don't make a generalization.
        Just because you don't like tattoos, doesn't mean EVERYONE is going to agree with you

    2. Paul says:

      Tatooos is nice bt i don’t like it on my body,

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