10 Reasons You Should Make A Black Friend

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I am black-Hispanic so if you are taking applications for a token black or Hispanic friend I am a twofer. Just kidding, that sounds horrible. You should avoid tokenism when making friends. (In fact here’s an amazing personal essay on why you shouldn’t decide someone is your ‘black friend’) Don’t wake up one day and decide you need a gay person or Asian person to fill a void. All I am saying with this post is to be open to the kinds of fun things other cultures can introduce you to. Like, you should steer clear from reducing people to their cultural identities like race, sexual orientation or religion, but you shouldn’t take a “color blind” approach either.

I am a person of color, I feel all the same feels as you. I get the sadz and the happyz but I am also exposed to different things than you whether that’s on an institutional level or just in my own home. I haven’t had a bat mitzvah but I’ve had a quinceanera and maybe you’ve had a sweet sixteen. It’s fun to me to discuss cultural differences with my buddies and chat about how they are different and the same. I am pro-cultural diffusion because, let’s face it, I love all the different foods that come with it.

Speaking from my own experience as a brown person, here are 10 reasons why we make interesting friends. Although this probably can go unsaid, obviously there are black people who can be excluded from these generalizations and other races who can be included in them.