10 Famous Bands Who Met In College

It’s always cool to read about famous bands that started in college because, although it’s a bit cheesy, it’s totally inspirational. Something that seems like a hobby, even if it is your real passion, can turn into a successful career. It’s also nice to imagine your favorite bands talking about music in late night dorm sessions and having heated discussions about Led Zeppelin or The Beatles. That’s all fantasy, I know, but I’ve always been inspired by young people who think passionately, who have ambition and exert the will to take action. These 10 famous bands met in college and  made it.

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    1. Sarah says:

      The fact that the Doors isn't on this list just makes me shake my head. Dishonor on your cow.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        I am going to have to agree with you. How'd I miss them AND Radiohead.

    2. IMS says:


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