Other Things More Depressing Than Casual Sex

A recent study was published in The Journal of Sex Research that contained some particularly interesting statistics in regards to the sexual and mental health of college students. According to Counsel Heal, “The survey found that 11 percent of students reported a casual sex encounter during the month prior to the survey. The study found that casual sex was negatively associated with wellbeing and positively associated with psychological distress.”

So kids are depressed because they’re having the sex? Let’s think about this. Could it be because of the casualty that comes with it? That it’s not considered special when you’re having it with someone you don’t care about deeply? Why are college kids getting so down on themselves for getting they’re groove on? This study claims that casual sex among college students has caused psychological distress, but when I was in college, I remember a lot of other things way worse that caused me to be depressed. Let’s reflect, shall we?

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    1. @M_Bodde says:

      While I agree those other things can be "depressing," as a sufferer of clinical depression for the last 11 years I would have to say that the after effects of casual sex definitely takes more of a long term toll on my mind. Not only is it not being that emotionally connected to the person you're having sex with, but I think it also comes back around for another hit when you are starting a new relationship. Well, in my case it is technically a new relationship, but with my high school sweetheart/first love whom we're both aware is less experienced than me, even though he knows very little about my sex life for the past 3 years (part of the original reason we broke up was me wanting to have sex, but he didn't, both because he wasn't ready and he wouldn't have been my first) and it's still been driving me crazy. So my point is, even if it isn't immediately "depressing" as the other 5 things you listed, I think it definitely takes more of a toll on you mentally long term.

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