Dustin Hoffman Tears Up About Being “Brainwashed” [Lady Bits]

Dustin Hoffman cries while telling AFI, in a interview from 2012 that is just making the internet rounds now, about how his role in the movie Tootsie changed his perception of the treatment of women in our society. In Tootsie, Hoffman’s character is a male actor who has a reputation for being too difficult to work with. Unable to get a job, he decides to disguise himself as a woman for an audition, and lands a coveted role on a soap opera. Eventually, the plot gets tied up into a nice little romcom package, but Hoffman’s character does learn that it isn’t so easy to be a woman.

Turns out that the real life Hoffman learned something, too. In this clip, he talks about the revelation he had after being made up as a woman for the first time. After seeing himself and being disappointed that he didn’t make a more “attractive” woman, Hoffman says he broke down into tears and realized that he had been “brainwashed” to think that attractiveness is the most import thing about a woman. Take a look. The clip is definitely worth watching – Dustin Hoffman tears up just talking about his realization.

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