All Of Jared Leto’s Hairstyles Ever

Look, Jared Leto is good at two things: pulling off incredibly difficult hairstyles and not aging. Jared Leto was also in Requiem For A Dream and My So-Called Life but other than that, personally I am not in love with his music or film work. ┬áNot his fault, just not my thing. Although I may not be his number one fan I can appreciate a good head of hair when I see it. How has his hairline not receded or thinned out in all of these years? How does it remain a beautiful work of art, malleable and willing to bend to the desires of its maker? Is it Hair Club For Men or, as CC likes to call it, Weave Club For Homies? Who knows the secrets of Jared Leto’s inability to show signs of aging. Maybe it’s just some good ass SPF. He and Pharrell would have beautiful children with long lives.

Anyway, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Appreciate it. Appreciate this homie’s weave.

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