Hour-Long Abs: Get a Sculpted Core with this Weekly Routine

It’s never too late to sculpt the mid-section you’ve always dreamed of (or envied while browsing through “fitspiration” pics on Instagram). Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants the secret to a sexy and slim core, and with this weekly, one hour workout from Shape, you’ll be well on your way!

Check it out…

With just an hour of time needed to complete the workout, these simple moves make working towards a six-pack doable for anyone! But remember, the key to a sculpted core is much more than just working those abdominals: for a true six-pack, check out one woman’s incredibly motivational transformation story, and read through her awesome tips!

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    1. Wow!!!! Does this exercise really work??? Any chance of haing a six pack even in my forties???

      1. missfitnic says:

        Christine – “Having a six pack” depends on two main things: having toned abdominals, and having lower fatty mass as opposed to lean mass. Everyone has abdominal muscles of course, but the people who have six packs have very toned abs AND fall low on fat mass levels. It’s important to realize that diet is the most important factor in sculpting a six-pack! Some people say getting a six pack is 80% diet, 20% exercise, because lowering fat is crucial for exposing your muscles; this is why six packs can be so challenging to work towards. The most effective way to work towards a six pack is to remember that you can’t spot-reduce fat, meaning that you can’t just rely on crunches to slim down, and to make sure you approach it from a weight-loss perspective: eating healthy and exercising to shed some pounds will definitely show results. And this workout will make sure you keep your core toned!

        Hope this helps:) Good luck!!

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