Famous Men With One Ball

Famous men with one testicle: from Lance Armstrong to Tupac Shakur, uni-ballers live among us. This is clearly an important and journalistic post. More than anything I want to know, do you care about a man’s testicles? Balls, to me, are extra but not necessarily a bonus. I’ve read and seen story lines on TV where men have to have their balls removed or do something as simple as get a vasectomy but either don’t go through with it, freak out or pretend the procedure isn’t necessary because they feel as though their manhood is being taken away.

I understand that socially we place a great deal of importance on our bodies as a way of defining our gender and who we are but, personally, I just don’t see anyone’s balls as that important. Obviously, the person who has them is pretty attached to them (no pun). I guess my point is: would you care if a guy had one ball? Is it a ball deal breaker? Would you think any less of him? I could care less.

Would you turn down any of these famous men with one ball?

  • Emerald PellotCOLLEGECANDY Writer
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