Men’s Rights Group’s ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ Posters Blame Rape Victims

‘Don’t Be That Girl’ posters at the University of Alberta are shaming rape victims with slogans like, “Just because you regret a one night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual.” The posters come as a response to the highly successful Edmonton campaign, ‘Don’t Be That Guy‘ which features posters discouraging men from sexually assaulting women.

An anti-feminist group called Men’s Rights Edmonton is responsible for the posters. They sound more anti-women than anti-feminist, if you ask me. The group released, a what can only be described as a disgusting statement, that suggests Emmett Till, an African American teenage boy, who was brutally killed after being accused of flirting with a white woman, was only empathized with after the fact because he was African American and not because he was a man. WTF? Yeah, that’s true because his murder was the result of the inherent racism that existed in 1955 in Mississippi.

“The original ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ campaign, which our posters are meant to parody, is rotten, despicable and unforgivable. There is no excuse for it, and the people who created it owe a big apology to non-feminist men and women everywhere. No, I don’t mince words, and I hope the public will appreciate my straight talk. If anything like the feminist treatment were dished out to an identifiable racial, ethnic or religious group other than men and boys, the perpetrators would be run out of town on a rail.”

So blaming rape victims is OK but posters that say things like, “It’s not sex when she’s passed out,” are wrong? This group seems to think false accusations of rape is a huge issue when according to, false rape allegations occur as often as the false accusations of any other crime, which is around 4%. The fact remains is that most rapists are men. There are female rapists, of course and they should be punished the same way. Just as male rape survivors should be treated the same as female ones.

There is nothing wrong with instructing and educating men on what consent is. I’m sorry but ‘Men’s Rights‘ groups are so unfounded and ignorant that my brain can hardly fathom why they exist. Look around, who is in power? Oh, is it men? Oh, I think it is. End of story. No one is attacking men, so much as asking that they be so kind as to share some of the agency, power and wealth they’ve been hoarding for thousands of years.

I can’t imagine being a rape survivor and seeing a poster like this. It is so disturbing, foreboding and just plain insulting. Just more proof that there are too many people out there who either don’t believe rape is real or blame the victims for an atrocious act done to them. If you see a ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ poster, please take it down.

The Original Don’t Be That Guy Poster




    1. April says:

      I am a female and I can somewhat understand the meaning behind these posters. Rape is wrong and horrific, nobody can deny that, but being falsely accused for rape is just as wrong. Statistically the number of false accusations is small, but that doesn’t mean that 100% of people who claim they have been raped have been. There have been cases in my area where a man’s name has been released in the media for allegedly raping a woman and it turns out that the woman was falsely accusing him (usually to make him suffer for some wrongdoing in a relationship, for rejection of regret as the poster signifies), and that can be as harmful as being raped. Loss of employment, friends, family along with harassment from others who still believe that they are a rapist (even though acquitted or found not guilty) and likely mental health problems (such as depression, anxiety, paranoia) that could come with the stress of it are all life-altering effects of a false accusation. The poster itself was perhaps not done in a manner that should confer the reasoning behind it accurately but that is not a reason to dismiss it as promoting rape.

    2. ottawaedge says:

      From what I've read here, this "men's movement" is a collection of angry misogynists, nothing more. I wonder if they've been called on their chauvinism publically. I might like to be "that guy."

      1. why don't you try reading more than just what is written here?

      2. ottawaedge says:

        Yep. I took your advice and now I know they're angry misogynists. Even the police (predominantly male) disapprove of their campaign. Thanks for the tip!

      3. Fidelbogen says:

        Well you need to read even more than THAT. Way more.

    3. kali says:

      wait, i'm confused. that poster isn't condoning sex with someone who's passed out, it's saying that it's rape. i don't really understand this article, why is that poster so wrong?
      and i could name about five girls that cried rape just because someone found out they had sex, or there was a rumor, or because they cheated on a boyfriend and then cried rape. as legitimate as most rapes are, there are people who are falsely accused of rape, so i don't understand why these people aren't allowed to have their own opinions.

      1. Jay says:

        Can I ask what kind of people you know for that to be such a common occurrence? Coz I think the only times I've been around that high a concentration of sick people was when I visited my aunt in the psych ward and when I visited a cult. Do you happen to live in an excessively restrictive and possibly dangerously religious sexual culture?

      2. Fidelbogen says:

        Yes, false accusation of rape, often for frivolous reasons, is common enough to be a serious social problem. It is not rare, and needs to be taken very seriously because it will get worse as further feminist innovations (to the criminal justice system, for example) make it progressively easier to get away with.

    4. FunnyFaceKing says:

      If your "brain can hardly fathom" why they exist, it's pretty funny that you are accusing them of being willfully ignorant in the same sentence.

    5. Anonymous says:

      Well, I think that what they do is completely despicable, but there is one thing that is true about the message: juste because you regret a sexual relationship that you had doesn't mean you were raped, if you consented in the first place. I'm a rape victim and I was molested as a child, and I've seen cases of women, actually going to the police saying they were raped, and telling me that they actually weren't raped but regretted deeply that they ever slept with a certain guy because they got STDs, or because their break up with their ex-boyfriends went wrong and wanted to get revenge.

      I don't agree with them obviously, but I do think this is something that we shouldn't forget, because I think it's a lack of respect for ACTUAL rape victims, and it also contributes to the pretext that "women who say they were raped are lying", because the action of these few women sometimes affects how rape cases are treated by the police and such.

      ( sorry for any grammatical mistakes I may have done, English isn't my first language:) )

      1. Fidelbogen says:

        It is good to hear that you support the message of MREdmonton, and are standing against feminism.:)

    6. guest says:

      Girls lying about rape isn't exactly unheard of. One white girl at my school drank a little bit and then decided she wanted to get double-teamed by two black guys. After everything was done, she was ashamed and thought people would talk bad about her, so she just said they raped her. It didn't take long for the truth to come out that she lied about it. After that, she was referred to as "the girl that cried rape" and people avoided her like the plague.

    7. Dave says:

      Lots of dudes pretending to be women here

    8. Libra says:

      How does one infer victim blaming from a simple message not to lie about rape? No wonder feminist movement is dying. There are no rationality present, only group-think.

      1. Fidelbogen says:

        The problem is that feminists are not able to "think outside the box" of feminism, and so they cannot understand that almost everything about feminism is either a lie or a severe distortion of the truth. There is no reasoning with them, and so the only thing to do is isolate them and cut them out of the loop. Little by little, people are waking up from this. . . nightmare.

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