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Kris Jenner and Some Baby Appear on Her Talk Show Premiere

Did Kris Jenner just bring baby North West out during the premiere of her talk show today? Those of you who caught Kris (ew, did anyone really watch it?) know what went down, but for the rest of you, TMZ has some insider info about the baby Mama Jenner was holding!

Earlier, she posted the above photo on her Facebook page with the caption: “You never know who will stop by our show today!” She lead everyone to believe it was North in her arms, and that head of hair definitely looks like the beginnings of a luxurious Kardashian weave, so it was easy to buy into the hype.

The thing is, though, we already know Kanye was PISSED when Kris showed Matt Lauer a photo of North, so why would he let her bring the actual baby on the first episode of her tacky talk show?

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