McDonald’s Admits Minimum Wage Is Awful

McDonald’s and Visa created a budget for its minimum wage workers.. The budget is—excuse my French—fucking bull shit, madame. Essentially, Mickey D’s wants you to believe that somehow you can live off of $7.25 an hour. Note that this is the budget as a full-time worker (40 hours a week).


First of all the McDonald’s budget is already working on the presumption that you will need TWO jobs. For this amount of income, on the national minimum wage of $7.25, you’d have to work around 74 hours. Whose rent or mortgage is $600? You don’t have heat, sorry. No heat. Not to mention FOOD and transportation are not in this budget. Furthermore, whoever has created this budget has discovered magical health insurance that only cost $20 a month?! As of 2011, the average individual, who can even afford it, spends $183 on health insurance. As Death and Taxes notes, over 87% of minimum wage workers are over 20 years old, that means college students, recent grads and parents. Yeah, OK, McDonalds.

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    1. Guest says:

      I think part of that depends on where you live, too. Because $600 for rent is stupid cheap in NYC but most of the people in my town pay about $300 for rent, probably $450 including utilities.

    2. Sandra says:

      Well I hope that the people of McD. will learn from this and start to pay good wages…

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