Ryan Gosling Believes ‘Dumb Hipster’ Is The Ultimate Insult

Ryan Gosling thinks being called a ‘dumb hipster’ is the ultimate insult. According to Vulture during the filming of Only Good Forgives, Kristin Scott Thomas’ character had to insult Gosling’s female friend. In the film Thomas calls her a ‘cum dumpster.’ Director Nicolas Winding Refn said, “I would ask Ryan, ‘So what’s the worst thing you can call a woman in America?’ He goes, ‘We call her this …'”

However the arrival at ‘cum dumpster’ was one of miscommunication. Ryan Gosling clarified to Vulture.

“They were trying to come up with terrible things to say, and what was the worst thing you could say, and there was a long list of options, which they came up with, too, which never hit the newsstands, thank God. But Kristen got it wrong: I said the worst thing you could call someone was a ‘dumb hipster’ And she heard it in this other way, and I can’t take responsibility for how her brain twists things.”

There you have it, Ryan Gosling believes “dumb hipster” is the worst thing you can say to someone. That says a lot about dumb hipsters.

And here are 10 GIFs of Ryan Gosling being swoon worthy for good measure.

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