Our Favorite Lipstick of Summer: Tarte’s Amazonian Butter in 3 Hot Hues

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You could say I’m something of a lipstick guru. In my room, you’ll find a tube in every pocket, every drawer, every handbag and going out wristlet. And don’t think I only buy certain brands or colors — oh no. From $6 drugstore color washes to $40 splurges on the richest pigments you’ve ever seen, I’ve never really met a lipstick I didn’t want to immediately buy. But I have met more than a few I didn’t love.

If you’re a lipstick lover like I am, you know there’s a very delicate balance the perfect formula has to achieve. It’s gotta last more than 15 minutes, yet it can’t stay on too well — that just leaves it cakey and nasty and not at all fresh looking. A great shade needs to complement your skin tone while adding some natural pizazz to your overall look. It can be a showstopping cherry red, or a rich peach that’s great for any occasion. These are the types of lipsticks I’m constantly on the hunt for.

I was recently sent a selection of Tarte’s new Amazonian Butter Lipstick Trio Summer Shades, and I have to say: I’ve fallen in love a little bit.

The set includes a range of shades — Creamy rose, a mauve; Tulip, a juicy watermelon shade; and Coral Blossom, my personal favorite, a lush peach. While the mauve was much too dark for me (I’m a pale kid), the watermelon and peach both looked great and I could see them being versatile for a range of skin tones.

What I really appreciated about Tarte’s lip butters was how great their formula was. They were soft and creamy, but surprisingly pigmented and long-wearing. Never did my lips feel dry. I definitely recommend these for anyone looking for an all-around great set of lipsticks to have handy for on-the-go application.

Tarte Amazonian Butter lipsticks can be purchased as a set of 3 for $35 here.