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What Is Vagina Steam? OMG, I Don’t Want To Know

V-steam or a vagina steam bath is a traditional Korean remedy. In an episode of Tia & Tamara, the twin sisters decided to get v-steamed at the spa. So what does the treatment entail? You perch over a pot with steaming, boiling water and herbs for 20 to 45 minutes. You can do this naked or wearing a poncho. The v-steam  rising into your hoo-ha and is supposed to combat stress, PMS and increase fertility. However western doctors don’t really get it.

Pop Sugar asked Dr.  Laura Riley who said, “I just don’t understand physiologically how putting steam up the vagina is going to change your fertility or help you relieve stress.”

This sounds bizarre but you only live once. To read more about V-steam check out the post over at Pop Sugar.

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