Watch Theologist, Reza Aslan, School An Islamophobic Fox News Anchor

Fox News invited Reza Aslan, a professor of theology who wrote a book called Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. The interviewer, Lauren Green, then proceeds to do one thing, berate Reza Aslan with a single, hostile question, “Why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus?”

Reza Aslan, answers with poise and keeps a cool head, asserting that he has published many works about many different religions, saying that it’s his job to write about Jesus. Let me be clear, this isn’t some scathing critique of Jesus either. The way Reza Aslan talks about Jesus is with much admiration. He talks about Jesus as a revolutionary, who died fighting for the poor and the outcast. The same Jesus most people have come to celebrate. He even talks about how he critiques much of Islam.

However, Lauren Green doesn’t care about what he is saying or what was in the book. All she wants to do is assert that, despite being highly educated on the subject, a Muslim should not be allowed to discuss Jesus and also implies that a Muslim cannot admire him.

It’s all very bizarre and kind of sad that someone who probably has a lot of common ground with Lauren Green is being dismissed because of his religion. I think Lauren Green needs to ask herself, WWJD?

I just want to add a disclaimer that my making fun of Fox News anchors is by no means me making fun of  all conservatives or Republicans. I know the two things have become  heavily associated, however while I respect many conservatives, I have very little revery for Fox News because well . . . you saw the tactics used in the interview.

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    1. Stan Skaggs says:

      It is about time, and I applaud Lauren for pulling this moron out and asking him about his defamation of Christianity (as all Muslims do by the way). The points in his book are all falshoods anyway if you read them. This man is an idiot in the things he portrays about the Christ. Maybe he was asleep in his religion classes (Like he was in them..). He also promotes his own false religion of Islam which has completely been proven to be false as well as a blemish on mankind because of its incitement of evil and violence.

      Hooray for Lauren! I onlyu wish other “journalists” would ask the tough questions to draw these shadowy crooks into the light for viewing.

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