Backyard Boot Camp Cardio Circuit: Sweat it Out in Your Yard (But Really)

So I’ll admit it, when I first watched this backyard boot camp cardio routine, the first few seconds were all I needed to think ‘okay, well, this is…basic.’ But then again, after watching the entire video, I realized that’s the beauty of it – this three-minute cardio circuit – is the perfect combination of challenging and simple (kind of like the perfect combination of sexy and cute, except not as flattering). With these p90x-inspired moves, this routine will definitely do some damage and burn some major calories if you cycle through a few times.

Just loop through this cardio routine a few times and get a great fat-burningboot camp workout without any equipment or travel time. And there’s no shame in taking it inside if it’s too hot, or your creepy neighbor seems to be taking a little too long getting his mail.

Check out the video here:

Pretty straight forward, huh? But don’t underestimate this routine! In today’s world of Piloxing, Zumba, and Barre, it’s easy to get lost in the fancy logos and branding of the fitness industry. But is it all necessary? I mean, what’s the real difference between “Triple Blast” and “Triple Burn” anyway? The truth is, it really doesn’t matter: the workout won’t be much better with a creative name or exciting byline. When it comes down to it, the moves and exercises make a routine effective, the name just makes it cool. So with that, the decision falls on us and whether we’re being biased in choosing a cool workout, or one that works for us. Now, it’s not to say that these designer classes don’t provide us with an awesome workout, but keep in mind the main focus of any fitness routine – we want it to work, we want results.

So next time you’re thinking about working out, sifting through some videos online and trying to choose the best workout, remember this, and don’t forget that branded doesn’t always mean better! Sometimes all we need is a backyard, some easy moves, and a little dose of excessive endorphins.

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