The 7 Most Overrated Places to Have Sex

In a recent study conducted by British car manufacturer, BBA Reman, 49% of people admitted to having sex in a car at some point in their lifetime. I thought that number was surprisingly low. Despite the complications the limited space presents, sex in cars is everywhere. Movies, TV shows, music videos — if there is a car, you can bet someone’s having sex in it at some point. It got me thinking about other completely overrated places to have sex. Here are a few.

1. Car. Like I said, there is limited space in a car. No matter if you lay the seat all the way back or lay down in the back, unless you are having sex with a man child, room is going to be at a premium.

2. Outside. I understand the whole appeal. It’s dangerous. You could get caught. But on the other hand, it’s dangerous and you could get caught. And you have to go so quickly that you can’t be enjoying anything

3. The counter. Ouch.

4. The kitchen floor. I think Mr. And Mrs. Smith romanticized sex in the kitchen. Their scene was all calm and peaceful and sensual and had some light salsa music playing in the background. Sex on the kitchen floor isn’t quite that easy like a Sunday morning.

5. In the pool. Drowning is a real thing, people.

6. The shower. I’m black. I’m not about to get my hair wet.

7. Your parents’ bed. I’ve heard of a lot of people doing this. Whatever floats your boat. Personally, I don’t want to procreate anywhere near where I was made.

[Lead image via Aliyev Alexei Sergeevich/Shutterstock]

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    1. udxero says:

      I actually have had sex in all those places except my parents bed…

      In the car wasn't so bad, we done it twice, once in an impala and the other time in an f150… I'm 6ft and 200 lbs. my wife is 5'11 and 150ish there was plenty of room to do the deed, i believe the vehicle will make a huge difference.

      outside wasn't bad either, althouhg you do have to speed things up some, we done it in a public park in the evening. What we would do is we would go down the nature trail and go way off path, we couldn't even see the trail any more, chance of being caught are really slim… We done this MANY times, some sessions lasting up to 30-45 minutes.

      the counter isn't so bad, givin that it's the right freakin height.. all the counters in my hosue are either too low, or too high… So for us this isn't a good option at all!

      the kitchen floor is pretty… not something i'll do again.. It wasn't too bad but the thing is it's hard as hell, and since i have 3 kids ( who were at their aunts ) it just feels…. disgusting.

      the shower… well we do that frequently… Althuogh I don't personally like it becuase it hurts my legs… it's not bad… The biggest reason we do it is becuase are room is right beside our kids… And we do not have locks… so it's the best place for privacy.. my wife and I always take showers together.

      the parents bed thing, just hell no….

      a few more places we have done it

      church parking lot, fast food parking lot ( while waiting on food… sonics ), walmart bathroom, school stairwell, mall changing room, mall parking lot, movie theatre during the movie, movie theatre parking lot, friends apartment ( i had the key he wasn't home ), in the pool — by the way this is VERY nice and very awesome, by far one of my most favorite places… Umm i believe there are a few more, but i don't quite remember… ( well i got road head a few times of course… although it's awesome… i don't suggest or condone it since i was doing 70 mph on the freeway at the time… )

      1. don't brag says:

        sorry dude, those are not places to brag about.

    2. How about the beach? I always thought that the sand in awkward places would be a huge turnoff.

    3. michelle says:

      I recently had a sexual experience outdoors as well, it certainly wasn't the most ideal place those damn mosquitoes damn near ate me alive, I saw a deer, it was just so uncomfortable, and I couldn't fully enjoy the moment. Never again it was horrible.

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