18 Celebrities With Bad Makeup, It Can Happen To Anyone

It happens to the best of us: bad makeup. You paint your face on, look in the mirror, you exit the door thinking, “Damn, I look good.” Then you see a flash photo of yourself and realize the SPF has washed you out or those blush pigments appears much more intense in pictures or worse, your bronzer looks orange because the camera picked up the undertone only. Rough life for us makeup wearers. Celebrities aren’t any different. Bad makeup can turn your typically gorgeous celebrity into a fabulous drag queen, which is not a bad look either. Flash photography has captured these 18 beautiful celebrities with bad makeup.



    1. Kaitlyn says:

      In defense of Brooke Shields: I think this might be after a performance when she Morticia in The Addams Family on Broadway. That would explain the kind of extreme makeup and the melting of it from sweat and stage lights.

    2. Patrice says:

      Whoever started the dust white powder under the eyes to avoid getting eye shadow on your lower lids needs to twell makeup artists to hang a post it to recall to dust it off of people.

    3. elblock says:

      Oh please, these are Photoshopped. And now well.

    4. anon says:

      All of the people with white under their eyes would not appear that way without a camera flash. They are wearing HD powder under their eyes which appears white under a camera flash. Their makeup was not done incorrectly, just incorrectly for the occasion they were attending. When writing an article about makeup, it's probably a good idea to know things like this.

    5. Alice says:

      you do realize John Hamm has vitiligo? It's probably his skin pigmentation problem….not makeup.

    6. Jim says:

      Drew Barrymore's was intentional. It was a nod to traditional Kabuki Theatre make-up. Do some fact-checking.

    7. Molly says:

      Brooke Shields was leaving after playing Morticia in the Addams Family on broadway.

    8. Crackie says:

      Lindsay Lohan has krazie eyes

    9. S. Pebbletush says:

      It's Marie Antoinette, not "Maria."

    10. Tolly. says:

      Camera flash is the worst !


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