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Why The First Date Is The Worst Date [Dude’s List]

First dates are the generally the worst dates. They suck, okay? They’re an experiment between two people who, probably, barely know anything about one another and they both know the reason that they’re on this date to begin with: to get to the second date.

There’s more pressure in almost every aspect of the first date than there is on any other date. Because it’s the first and therefore going to be the most significant impression you can make. So where are all of these pressures coming from? Lets look at all the factors that make first dates suck! NOTE: (In honor of this Dude’s List I’ve selected a gallery of celeb couples whose first date I WISH I could have been a fly on the wall for)…

There you have a dozen reasons the first date sucks. And I mean it sucks. Any reason it doesn’t? Anybody out there who loves the first date and thinks it’s the best date? Prove me wrong!

“I’ll call ya,”

The Dude

[Lead image via Ammentorp Photography/Shutterstock]

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