11 Must-Have School Supplies for Every 90s Kid

One of my best friends is an elementary school teacher, and when she told me that almost all the kids get to use their very own iPads and tablets, I about lost my mind. Kids get to use iPads?! IN SCHOOL? How is that even allowed? I can’t imagine that kids don’t get distracted. I remember when I got detention for like a week because my Giga Pet went off in my backpack. Man, that was a bad day.

This got me thinking about the good ole days when you used to have to sharpen your pencils instead of just a couple little clicks with those mechanical doohickeys they have now. Or when you would run to the school store and buy all the gel pens you could afford with the money your mom gave you. Call me old school, but I really miss those days. They were simpler times, my friends. Check out the gallery below to see if you recognize any of these must-have school supplies from back in the day!

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