16 Blondes That We’d Choose Over a Brunette Any Day

According to a new survey, men prefer brunettes when it comes to picking lovers. While blondes are often seen as being more fun to be with, the survey reveals that brunettes make the best lovers.

58 percent of men believe that brunettes are better in bed, while only 16 percent say that blondes are the best lovers. The survey also revealed that 12 percent say women with black hair and 9 percent say women with red hair are the best lovers. So what’s with all the hate for blondes, red heads, and black haired women? What are we? Chopped liver? I get that brunettes are seen as smarter, classier, and all around better, but let’s just hold the phone for a second. There are plenty of non-brunettes that no man would ever kick out of bed.

There are plenty of blondes, redheads, and other non-brunettes that I would pick over a brunette. Check out 16 of them below!

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    1. Cindy says:

      What a stupid article!! This brunettes vs blondes thing is getting old and is sooooo annoying. Everybody is beautiful. Just stop the madness, please…

    2. Cindy says:

      Not to mention, you don't have to bring down brunettes just to compliment blondes. That's quite unfair, don't you think?? Because then you're discriminating one hair color just as much as men, which is wrong and is the very reason why you wrote this article!

    3. Ceener says:

      Wow I can't believe that high a proportion of men ACTUALLY believe hair color makes a frackin difference in making their dingdongs feel good. I hope the man I meet will be in the 5% that believes hair color doesn't make a difference.
      Plus I highly doubt the data comes from a reliable source.

    4. Sandy says:

      For m it depends not on the haircolour – it depends on the person. The article was still interesting to read.

    5. Patricia says:

      What's with all the brunette hate?? I wonder if the survey revealed ''Men prefer blondes'' if there would be an article saying ''16 Brunettes That We'd Take Over Any Blonde''… The bias is just unbelievable…

      1. Sam says:

        In fact there's a saying that goes ''Gentleman prefer blondes'', but no one ever got offended with that… Why??

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