Preparing for a New Semester, as Told By .Gifs

No matter how many years you’ve been in school, starting a new semester is always exciting, nerve-wrecking, and sometimes absolutely dreadful. We always go into it with a positive attitude, hoping that things will be different this time. We’ll study for finals way earlier. We’ll go to all our classes. We’ll party less and study more. Sure, we will.

As we all enjoy what’s left of summer and prepare to delve back into school-mode, let’s go through the motions of starting a new semester as told by .gifs.

Realizing that summer is over, and school is about to start:

summer is over

You pack up your stuff and wave goodbye. Your parents are like:

Parents waving

You pretend to be sad but on the inside you’re like:

Happy to be leaving

The weekend before class rolls around

party hard

But then so does the first morning of class and you’re like:

forget about me

Eventually you manage to get your life together and make it to class. You walk in and desperately look for someone you know:


You spot one of your friends and you’re both like:

best friend

Until the professor mentions something about an attendance policy:

attendance policy

On your way home that guy you hooked up with and then avoided all summer walks past and you’re like:


You successfully make it past him and home to your roommates. They welcome you home after a hard day.


That night you lay down in your bed, proud of yourself for making it through the day


Until you realize you have to do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and the next day, and you’re like…:

do it all again

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