Kate Upton Teaches You 10 Cool Tricks to Do With Your Boobs

Kate Upton is known for a lot of things. Actually, no she isn’t. She’s known for her boobs, so I guess that’s only two things. The upside of this is that you can definitely call her an expert when it comes to showing off said famous boobs. If you’re looking for things to do with your own — albeit more boring — rack, then look no further.

She’ll show you how it’s done.

Tell your boyfriend he can thank me later.

Plus, 17 Reasons Kate Upton Is Better Than You:

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    1. 8675309 says:

      So she says ion a recent interview that she does not want to be seen as a dumb piece of meat.

      Well, Kate, you have certainly proved to use that you are in fact not a piece of meat with the above photo. HA

    2. absolutelytrue says:

      Is there supposed to be a video or slideshow here?

    3. LeftoverCake says:

      10 tricks? I don't even see one… Unless forgetting how to finish writing an article is one of them.

    4. Lol says:

      Hey, when your waistline a os larger than your bust… And you still are making money as a hottie, with that flub… You are the winner. Kudos to you!

    5. Linda says:

      Click on "She'll show you how it's done" to see the ways.

    6. I think it is a compromise between video and slideshow.But, we should focus on hot kate upton rather than looking around. She is a hot celebrity.

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