The Lowdown on Ellis Faas Blush [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:

Ellis Faas Blush in S301 and S302*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Ellis Faas bullet system is just plain cool! What other makeup brand has such unique and avant garde packaging? Hint: no one! Not only do they make great additions to your vanity, but Ellis’ bullets are also filled with great liquid-based face, eye and lip products. One product I’ve never dabbled in from Ellis is her blushes, so I decided to take shades S301 and S302 for a spin!

How To Use It:

The bullets can be a little tricky. I find it takes quite a few rotations to get product to come out of the brush tips, but then once you get them going too much product comes out! I find it easier to use my finger rather than the included brush to apply the blush and blend it in.


(S301, S302)

CC Rating: D

I’m really not a fan of the Ellis Faas Blush. Not only do I find the bullet extremely difficult to use, but the blushes are SO sheer. It’s nearly impossible to get them to show up on your cheek, let alone in a photograph. When applied super heavily and not blended in (like the swatch above) you can see the colors, but otherwise, I’ve found them a bit useless. And I’m super pale! I can’t recommend these, unfortunately.

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*Item was provided for review



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