Kristen Wiig Makes a Fierce Patty Hearst In the Newest Drunk History Vid

I’m a huge fan of Funny or Die’s Drunk History web series, especially the Tesla episode, but when I heard Comedy Central was taking the concept off-line and making it a TV show…meh, I was less than enthused. Television has a way of ruining Internet gold (see: Sh*t My Dad Says). It’s because of this quite-possibly-inaccurate belief that I haven’t kept up with the show, aside from occasionally side-eyeing the ads in the subway.

And while I doubt anything will ever rival my beloved Tesla episode (“I’m inventing electricity and you look like an asshole. You look like a fucking idiot.”), Kristen Wiig comes pretty dang close with her portrayal of kidnapped cult initiate, Patty Hearst. If you’ve ever wondered what Stockholm Syndrome was, watch as it is explained to oh-so clearly and scientifically. This one’s educational, y’all.

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