Lena Dunham Steps Out in a Pillowcase and Makeup: Yay or Nay?

Lena Dunham finally put on her face before she left the house, y’all. I guess this means we all have to find another ugly wench to shame for going makeup-free. Or does it? While her rosy cheeks and pink pout are inarguably on point, that schmata she threw on is questionable at best.

Granted she was attending a political event for Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer (fancy), and had to keep things fashionably conservative. But might she have benefited more from channeling her inner Olivia Pope instead of dressing like a pillowcase full of Halloween candy?

Take a look at the full-length photo below and then tell me — Lena Dunham dolled up in a white mini dress: are we liking it or not?

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